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About us

As a group of nursing instructors and nurses, we are well aware of the challenges and difficulties faced by nursing students today. In this context, the most formidable course material from various publications and test banks has been collated by considering the responses of our membership.

These have been used to produce a tailored collection of nursing test banks in a multiple choice format along with suggestions for further reading and revision.

The feedback we are getting is that implementing the tools and resources on the site can result in improved comprehension of the subject matter even in the short-term, i.e. just after a few days of using the site.

NursingSchoolLab is the most useful site for nursing students at the start of their careers . It is also of great value to those at a more advanced level, for example, students prepared to do the Nclex-Rn exam. It contains a multitude of relevant questions in an easy to use order within chapters and books.

In this way, using the resources is a satisfactory experience for the students and the outcomes for our members are very positive. Both for those students currently on nursing school or those ready to take the Nclex

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